The Nooey Journey

We’re spilling the noods

Whether your goal is to lose weight or get healthier, there’s no need to break up with your favourite kitchen creations. Sure, you’ll be keeping an eagle eye on your intake of refined carbs and sugars, and quietly mourning, but guess what?

Nooey’s here to be your healthy noodle/pasta rebound. Once we’ve hijacked your kitchen and heart, we’ll outgrow the “rebound” label to become your new noodle/pasta soulmate. Stealthy and clingy, hey?

So, let’s chat about our ‘why’ – there’re so many reasons but we’ll (try to) keep it short. Two reasons.

1. Nooey provides the same, if not better, mouthfeel to ‘traditional’ wheat varieties and diet-friendly substitutes.

Directly sourced from our Aussie farmers, Nooey is handcrafted from premium ingredients that are high in nutritional value. Our noods are minimal in carbs, low in calories, high in protein, loaded with micronutrients and full of prebiotic fibre…without sacrificing taste and texture!

A forking dream come true for keto, low-carb, diabetic, vegan, vegetarian, plant-based and flexitarian dieters.

2. Reconnects you with old traditions and culture, while celebrating the memories and feelings that are at the heart of the dining experience.

Let’s be honest, when we “give up” our mostloved starchy foods, it’s hard to say goodbye to the little carb gremlin that’s sought refuge in you for so many years. There’s nothing like tucking in to mum’s Spaghetti Bolognese or a hearty bowl of beef noodle soup at your local joint.

You find yourself longing for that feel-good bonding experience chatting about life’s ups and downs, and future dreams, while you eat. You can’t just say to mama bear that you’ll have her famous lasagne without the pasta sheets. Let alone sit there quietly, pretending to enjoy your bowl of sauce and cheese.

Nooey frees you to live a healthy lifestyle while creating new shared memories and reminiscing old traditions. It’s the missing ingredient that serves up ALL THE FEELS. We want you to celebrate the shared experience of eating and have a pho-king fun time!

The love story between a foodie and her noodle-loving belly

Hi there, Nooey lovers! I’m Anliette, the proud creator and maker of Nooey.

An award-winning Sydney food photographer, closeted recipe scientist, noodle/pasta lover and dreamer, I’ve always found comfort in food. In 2020, I made the lifechanging decision to battle the pandemicinduced wobbles by adopting the ketogenic lifestyle, which triggered a manic obsession.

I tried everything to find a replacement for my muchloved noodle and pasta dishes… but nothing quite cut it.

Not one to give up easily, I persevered. It dawned on me that if I wasn’t happy with the available options, I’d have to create it myself. Ha! Spending nights glued to my screen, I was determined to create a keto-friendly, low-carb, dairyfree noodle variety that still had that satisfying mouthfeel. With my kitchen covered in endless mess, I experimented, tested, tasted and salivated.

Thank-pho-king-finally, I DID IT. The baby of my foodie dreams, Nooey, was born, for you and me to enjoy.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope that Nooey adds delicious sunshine to your health journey (as it did mine).

P.S. If I’m stranded on an island and was forced to choose one dish to have for the rest of my life, it’d 100% be my mum’s beef noodle soup.