slurp 'em up... nooey won't bust your carb bank

Hey, just because you’re watching your carbs and celebrating the health YAYs, it doesn’t mean that mealtimes have to be a dreaded, unpalatable battle. Ugh, no thanks.

Low-key fancy, spaghetti-twirlin’ addictive, Nooey’s the yummy hype squad your everyday noms need. Sorting your cravings, they’re mouth-watering and moreish, with all the “yes please” mouthfeels.

Canoodling with your favourite recipes, Nooey dishes up handcrafted noods with the taste you love and the texture you know. There’s nothing like tucking into a satisfying meal, creating new memories and flavourful traditions.


get ready for a forkin’ love bombing, the nutritional kind

We’re talking Low GI, an excellent source of protein and prebiotic fibre, enriched with micronutrients, antioxidants and Omega-3.

No hidden nasties, no cheeky shortcuts. Just stealthy healthy, Nooeylicious goodness.

Ketogenic, low-carb, diabetic, plant-based, vegan and flexitarian dieters, Nooey’s your soon-to-be pantry soulmate. Not just your daily nourishment, it’s a pho-king lifestyle.


In it for the long haul, we’re here to tick all the boxes.

Nutritional Info

feeding you, feeding earth

Nooey believes in sharing the love, and applying circular thinking wherever possible. From paddock to plate, limited (monthly) production to certified home compostable, biodegradable packaging, we work hard to get Mother Earth’s and your approval.

Let’s give back to the beautiful planet that feeds us by creating sustainable pasta.

Our sustainability commitment

from the nooey kitchen to yours

We’re taking away the carbs, and loading you up with feel-good, finger-licking recipe ideas instead. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian pasta, Asian noodles or fusion magic, we’ll get you drooling – thank us later.